ISSN: 2148-4902 | E-ISSN: 2536-4553
Northern Clinics of İstanbul - North Clin Istanb: 9 (4)
Volume: 9  Issue: 4 - 2022

Pages I - V

2.Anxiety, depression, and sleep disorders among healthcare workers during the COVID-19 pandemic
Sacit Icten, Alper Gorkem Solakoglu, Neslihan Uluk, Yasemin Cag, Kurtulus Aciksari, Sunay Guner, Sevim Karakis
PMID: 36276558  PMCID: PMC9514078  doi: 10.14744/nci.2022.06936  Pages 295 - 303

3.HPV prevention in women aged 30–65 in Istanbul: Effect of early diagnosis of cervical cancer
Abdullah Emre Guner, Soner Sabirli, Seniz Kavak, Kemal Kural, Ates Karateke
PMID: 36276562  PMCID: PMC9514075  doi: 10.14744/nci.2022.74507  Pages 304 - 310

4.Neostigmine versus sugammadex on post-operative recovery following bariatric surgery
Osman Ekinci, Duygu Demiriz Gulmez, Ferhunde Dilek Subasi, Asu Ozgultekin, Oznur Demiroluk
PMID: 36276569  PMCID: PMC9514077  doi: 10.14744/nci.2021.94715  Pages 311 - 316

5.Evaluation of the relationship between the mean platelet volume and the neutrophil/lymphocyte ratio with progression of chronic kidney disease in patients with autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease
Mahmut Gok
PMID: 36276574  PMCID: PMC9514079  doi: 10.14744/nci.2021.89657  Pages 317 - 322

6.A randomized controlled trial to study the effect of intratracheal and intravenous lignocaine on airway and hemodynamic response during emergence and extubation following general anesthesia
Divya V. Gladston, Sudha Padmam, Rajasree Omanakutty Amma, Rachel Cherian, Jagathnath Krishna K M, Jayasree Vijayan, Nimmy George, Praveen Rajendran
PMID: 36276564  PMCID: PMC9514071  doi: 10.14744/nci.2021.33407  Pages 323 - 330

7.Survival outcomes of hypomethylating agents maintenance therapy in new diagnosed AML patients: Real experience data
Volkan Karakus, Senem Maral, Egemen Kaya, Aliihsan Gemici, Yelda Dere, Omur Gokmen Sevindik
PMID: 36276561  PMCID: PMC9514083  doi: 10.14744/nci.2021.42800  Pages 331 - 336

8.Diagnostic and prognostic value of F-18 FDG PET/CT in patients with carcinoma of unknown primary
Nilufer Bicakci
PMID: 36276560  PMCID: PMC9514081  doi: 10.14744/nci.2021.71598  Pages 337 - 346

9.Comparison of thyroid surgery experiences of “East” and “West” regions in Turkiye
Elbrus Zarbaliyev, Dauren Sarsenov, Payam Hacisalihoglu, Sebahattin Celik
PMID: 36276571  PMCID: PMC9514073  doi: 10.14744/nci.2021.75057  Pages 347 - 352

10.Isolated abducens nerve palsy: Comparison of microvascular and other causes
Yuksel Erdal, Taskin Gunes, Ufuk Emre
PMID: 36276565  PMCID: PMC9514074  doi: 10.14744/nci.2021.15483  Pages 353 - 357

11.Empathy Assessment Scale
Cem Malakcioglu
PMID: 36276566  PMCID: PMC9514084  doi: 10.14744/nci.2022.55649  Pages 358 - 366

12.Knowledge levels, attitudes, and awareness of nurses toward organ donation
Sami Akbulut, Khaled Demyati, Murat Tamer, Selver Unsal, Sakine Beyoglu, Hasan Saritas
PMID: 36276570  PMCID: PMC9514080  doi: 10.14744/nci.2022.24478  Pages 367 - 375

13.Real-life experience of tofacitinib in patients with treatment-resistant rheumatoid arthritis: A 5-year follow-up: Monocentric experience
Ozlem Pehlivan
PMID: 36276563  PMCID: PMC9514069  doi: 10.14744/nci.2022.05863  Pages 376 - 384

14.The influence of corneal incision size on endothelial cell loss and surgically induced astigmatism following phacoemulsification cataract surgery
Mustafa Hepokur, Esra Bulut Kizilay, Ebubekir Durmus, Veysel Aykut, Fehim Esen, Halit Oguz
PMID: 36276567  PMCID: PMC9514070  doi: 10.14744/nci.2021.81084  Pages 385 - 390

15.Direct cost analysis for 32,783 samples with preanalytical phase errors
Pinar Eker
PMID: 36276573  PMCID: PMC9514066  doi: 10.14744/nci.2022.73555  Pages 391 - 400

16.Analysis of Doppler ultrasonography and computer tomography angiography for predicting amputation level and re-amputation rate
Levent Adiyeke, Bekir Karagoz
PMID: 36276557  PMCID: PMC9514072  doi: 10.14744/nci.2021.25665  Pages 401 - 407

17.Sonoelastography findings of myofibroblastoma
Hakan Abdullah Ozgul, Isil Basara Akın, Canan Altay, Merih Guray Durak, Suleyman Ozkan Aksoy, Pinar Balci
PMID: 36276559  PMCID: PMC9514068  doi: 10.14744/nci.2021.73693  Pages 408 - 410

18.Axenfeld-Rieger syndrome in monozygotic twin brothers: Case report
Betul Ilkay Sezgin Akcay, Esra Kardes, Utku Limon
PMID: 36276572  PMCID: PMC9514076  doi: 10.14744/nci.2021.89577  Pages 411 - 413

19.Accuracy of magnetic resonance imaging in assessing knee cartilage changes over time in patients with osteoarthritis: A systematic review
Yashar Hashemi Aghdam, Amin Moradi, Lars Gerhard Großterlinden, Morteza Seyed Jafari, Johannes T. Heverhagen, Keivan Daneshvar
PMID: 36276575  PMCID: PMC9514082  doi: 10.14744/nci.2021.34270  Pages 414 - 418

20.Low hematocrit is very common among monkeypox male cases: Observations
Pathum Sookaromdee, Viroj Wiwanitkit
PMID: 36276568  PMCID: PMC9514067  doi: 10.14744/nci.2022.88528  Pages 419 - 420

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